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How long will your fresh fish stay fresh?

It's best to eat your fresh fish as quickly as you can after you receive it. It will stay fresh for an additional two to three days when properly refrigerated. It is important to keep fresh fish in the coldest part of your refrigerator until you are ready to cook it.


Has your fresh fish been previously frozen?

No. Our fresh fish has never been frozen. We love frozen fish, but we like to let you control when it thaws. Head on over to the Freezer Aisle to check out our frozen selections.


Why do you leave the pin-bones in?

Pin-bones are structural support for fillets. Leaving the pin-bones in keeps the flesh of the fish firm. Pin-bones are easily removed before or after cooking. 



Do I HAVE to thaw my fish under refrigeration?

The short answer: Yes. For the best results it's best to thaw frozen seafood slowly under refrigeration. Thawing slowly allows fish to remain firm.

If you are in a hurry you can break the seal on the vacuum package and thaw the fish at room temperature or in warm water. Thawing quickly will lead to a less firm texture.


How long will your frozen fish keep in the freezer?

1 year! The fish is vacuum packaged to prevent freezer burn. Thawing and re-freezing is not advised.


How quickly should I eat the frozen fish after it has been thawed?

As quickly as possible, but you should have two days before it loses freshness.



Is your smoked fish gluten free?

Yes, but it is processed in a facility that also processes gluten, so if you are highly sensitive it might be best to skip the smoked fish.


Why does your smoked fish arrive frozen?

We freeze it immediately after it comes out of the smokehouse. This extends the shelf-life and does not impact the quality. You may thaw and enjoy your smoked fish for up to one year after you receive it. Thawed smoked fish will stay fresh for one week.